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Passage 4 - Downloads


google Play Store

Passage 4 XL - google Play Store

Amazon Android App Store

Passage 4 XL - Amazon

Amazon FireTV App

Passage 4 Fire TV - Amazon

iOS-Download (iPhone, iPad and Apple TV)

Passage 4 XL - App Store

Windows Phone

Passage 4 XL - Windows Phone App Store

Mac Download

Passage 4 XL - Mac App Store

Windows 10 and Windows 8 Download

Passage 4 XL - Windows 10 / 8 App Store

XBOX One Live Download

Passage 4 XBOX One Live Store

Passage 4 Facebook version

Passage 4 app on facebook

Passage 4 PC version (Steam)

Passage 4 - the pc version for download on Steam (also a demo is available)






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